Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sew-a-thon 2010

Seriously, that is the best way to describe the past 32 hours! I've been a sewing fiend.

First off, for the Friday Night Sew-in yesterday, I managed to get a lot of work done on two bibs (pics are below) for a baby shower I am attending tomorrow (er.. make that today, since it is now after midnight!). I didn't fully complete the bibs on Friday night - I still needed to topstitch them and add the velcro and did that today.

Today, I finished up the two bibs I started on Friday, and also made ANOTHER bib. Maybe it is because I am Greek and we love to have everything done in threes, but apparently two just didn't seem like enough. But that isn't all. I went a bit nuts and decided I had to have burp cloths also. So I made three of those today! I was going to make a little taggie giraffe softie, but I messed up, and decided I wasn't in the mood to try and fix it!

I'm fairly happy with how it all turned out, though I do have some gripes. First, the terry cloth was a bit of a pain to work with... it shifted around a lot and I seem to have terry bits all over my apartment now. Secondly, it took a couple of tries to figure out how best to add the velcro so you couldn't see the stitches. You can see in some of the pictures I had varying levels of success with that. My topstitching was sort of all over the place, though overall, I am definitely getting better. I'm actually not thrilled with the brown topstitching on the brown/pink/mint bib. I think it looked better without it, but think taking it off might not look so good...

So here are the pictures!!

The 'Friday Night Sew-In' bibs... I don't love the brown topstitching.
The third bib! I love the material on this one!
All three together. First, the fronts...
...and now the backs! You could probably reverse them if you wanted. The back of the pink bib is super cute!
The burp cloths!
The two sides of the burp cloth - the terry side, and the pretty one!

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  1. G these are lovely! I love the fabrics and colors. And I am completely jealous of your straight stitches! I'm sure the mom-to-be will LOVE these gifts.